The First Responder Community embraces a large section of the national marketplace which includes millions of people who are directly and indirectly involved in the nations safety and wellbeing.  Whether they are in the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire-fighting, Paramedics or the large rescue communities they have enormous purchasing influence across most products and services.  First Responders are the first you call when there is an emergency, they attend unconditionally in all sorts of extremes and the national respect and support of these people is at the highest. Organisations who partner with them will also enjoy unparalleled respect, support and branding recognition.

Every day First Responders are in the news, their bravery and courage are the stories that end up as documentaries, movies and television shows and we all feel much safer in our daily lives because of them. The FRC is a not-for-profit charity that endeavours to fund-raise and facilitate the acquisition of much needed supplementary equipment for First Responders to effectively and efficiently save or protect lives and property from any natural or man-made disaster.  Irrespective of the products and services your organisation provides the FRC can assist you in being part of the magnificent work the First Responders do by partnering with you to develop mutually beneficial marketing strategies that will elevate your brands and corporate responsibility aspirations.

We will work with your marketing teams to present ideas and strategies that will maximize your influence in this lucrative and expanding market.  We have provided a number of ways your organisation can be involved either as a marketing campaign or as a simple “I would like to help”

Types of Sponsorship

Cash, Grants, Shares, Frequent Flyer Points

The FRC welcomes any offers of cash, grants, shares or frequent flyer points to offset the expenses of volunteers and the organisation in general.

Office Equipment and Services

The FRC is in need of equipment, supplies and services to assist volunteers and interns to carry out all of their tasks and we are seeking donations of a variety of products and services.  Examples of requirements include:

  • Laptops, scanners and printers
  • Office software and stationary
  • Collaborative web based software
  • Membership card and 3D printers and supplies
  • Internet hosting and support
  • Communications and other First Responder evaluation equipment and
  • Office and Storage space in capital cities
  • First responder acreage in key locations across the country to build facilities and store emergency equipment

Gift products or vouchers

FRC will provide a variety of fundraising events that we would like to provide achievement awards to those who excel in their philanthropic projects or to volunteers that need assistance to carry out their humanitarian roles. This could include new products or services to any amount such as:

  • Electronics
  • Services
  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Gift cards
  • Theatres or event tickets
  • Other offers

Discount programs

In many countries, all levels of government and organisations provide registered First Responders with a variety of discounts to compensate them for the tremendous community contribution they make. This may include:

  • Registrations, property taxes,  rates, licences, and other government services,
  • Travel, Accommodation and dining
  • Fuels, vehicle products and maintenance
  • Shopping and Groceries
  • Theatres, events and other entry fees,
  • Various Rentals

FRC welcomes any contribution by organisations to provide assistance to First Responders and will promote the donors throughout our publications and other networks.

Promotional Vehicles

The FRC needs a variety of new promotional vehicles whether donated or lent to be used for a variety of national and local marketing and promotional activities including; mall and street displays, exhibitions, events and transportation.  If the vehicle is donated to the FRC it will be then re-gifted to a First responder unit for frontline duty, and if lent it will be returned to the corporate lender and FRC branding will be removed.

The type of vehicles we are seeking for promotions should be bundled to include full FRC brand wrapping and the sponsors branding in a prominent position on rear, offside and nearside panels for a period of two years. Vehicles considered are:

  • 4X4 wheel drive with Dual Cab Vans with full rear lockable canopy (i.e. Navara, Hilux , Ranger, Colorado, Amarok etc.)
  • Fundraising trucks and trailers

Logistic Support Vehicles

To support first Responders on the frontline we need major sponsorship to acquire a variety of logistical support vehicles and equipment to sustain disaster or emergency operations, some of these items include:

  • Catering trucks and trailers
  • Accommodation trucks and trailers
  • Buses
  • Mobile hospitals

Vehicles for the Frontline

Organisation that wish to donate, reusable and in good condition roadworthy vehicles for frontline service such trucks, 4×4 dual cab utes, tankers, buses, semi-trailers, tractors etc., are encouraged to do so. Your accountant will advise you of any potential benefits of your gift.

Sponsor an equipment project or program

Group or Brand Sponsorship

Every group or organisation has a particular philosophy or brand that they wish to introduce to a broad market in the best circumstances they can find, FRC programs and projects provide a variety of opportunities to piggyback on a community desirable project that will get everybody on side working to achieve mutual outcomes. For example you may have a product that you would like to be associated and promoted alongside a community/corporate fundraising exercise to acquire new fire tankers, ambulances, or rescue equipment etc.

We can arrange interns and volunteers throughout the community to assist in the fundraising activities and to wear branded apparel or use branded vehicles whilst promoting.

Our projects can be planned for any location and time of the year so that they don’t conflict with other distracting events or coordinated to be part of an existing program to maximise brand attention. These rewarding community projects attract first responders, the media, key personalities and political support for you to network.

We have a number of items that we need sponsors for, either fully of partially.

  1. Companies can get behind any project they wish to support and have it branded in their name i.e. ‘EXAMPLE CORPORATION AMBULANCE PROJECT’ and market their project through their various marketing platforms to encourage clients to donate towards its purchase. Companies can offer rewards in the way of discounted coupons, promotional items etc., or match the donation with a percentage of the donated amount.
  2. Companies that manufacture, distribute or wholesale emergency equipment, vehicles, craft or essential medical items can promote them as a project.  It is a great way to introduce a new product into the market for recognition and evaluation whilst having it partially funded.
  3. Companies can also co-sponsor with other businesses to broaden the reach of the crowdfunding exercise.

The first Responder Community (FRC) supports events that promote state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, services and products that assist communities to be more resilient in times of all emergencies.

Corporate Members through the FRC websites can:

  • Sponsor FRC events,
  • Promote their own Product and Services Launches that are Civil Defense related,
  • Promote other events that are civil defence related to which they are involved,
  • Promote Civil Defence Conferences, Expos, seminars, training classes in which they are involved,
  • Advertise products and services that are Civil Defense related.