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The media vary rarely reports on the thousands of first responders injured whilst they are protecting and saving lives.  These heroic people can spend the rest of their lives suffering from smoke inhalation, toxic chemicals, mental disorders, burns and many other physical injuries. They need your help in getting them through their crisis. This ongoing program will enable us to purchase a variety of mobility equipment to help these heroes getting around.

Meeting the needs

Each injured First responder will have special needs according to the type of injury sustained, we have included a number of Mobility types to meed those particular needs.

  • Clinic chairs
  • Mobility chairs
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Individual Walkers
  • Clinic Beds
  • Transportation Beds
  • Storage facilities.

Clinic Chairs


Clinic Chairs provide a degree of comfort for veterans who may have to sit down for long periods of time in hospitals or aged care facilities. Average costs of these electrically operated chairs are up to $2000 each, plus freight. We are seeking to raise funds for up to 100 clinic chairs.

Mobility Chairs

Allow those with walking difficulties to be either pushed or propel themselves in confined areas. These devices vary in price up $1000 each.

Mobility Scooters

These are a marvellous asset for veterans that can still move about the grounds or the community giving them freedom to enjoy their lives.  Electric mobility scooters range from $2500 to $3500 each.

Individual Walkers

These walkers allow veterans to move around the rooms in their home or aged care facilities with minimum fuss. The cost of each quality and robust walker is around the $380 to $550.

Clinic Beds

Before and after veterans enter surgery of other procedure they need multi function beds to provide for the various types of injuries they may be suffering. These beds are equipped with oxygen and electric height and position controls.  Prices range from $4000 to $6000 each.

Transportation Beds

These beds are specifically used to pick up and deliver patients from their homes and transport them to another location via Ambulance or other vehicle. These beds are collapsible and can be manually lifted if required; they also have a variety of height and position adjustments.  Prices range from $1000 to $2500 each.


The Mobility equipment will be available to all localities and priority will be given to those areas that are in need of urgent attention.  If you and your community raise funds for one of many items they will be donated to the locality of your choice.

Become a Volunteer Project Manager for these projects

By becoming a volunteer First Responder Project Manager in your locality or company you can determine where the project will be allocated, we will assist you in raising funds in any of our projects and will assist you with templates, tools and fundraising expertise. Whether it is for this project or any other First Responder Community (FRC) initiative you can use your existing skills and expertise or learn new ones from our experts.  Our Project Managers Program will provide you with excellent contacts and ideas to broaden your horizon in this highly respected profession.  Contact us on: 0450962213

Corporate Partnerships

If your business or organisation is looking for a rewarding project to get behind that will provide lasting and significant benefits to the whole community, whilst giving you a higher profile then the FRC projects and events can do just that. Contact us on: 0450962213:


We are looking for national, state and local sponsors for a host of First Responder Community events, activities and competitions.  If you organisation wishes to be part of this dynamic and innovative community please Contact us on: 0450962213:

Other Corporate donations

If your business has any new vehicles and computers that are surplus to your needs we can use these for a variety of purposes, we particularly need tray trucks and light vehicles, mini buses where we can convert them to Emergency response purposes.  Contact us on: 0450962213:


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