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As COVID-19 and potentially other contagions continue to ravage global populations, the FRC is singularly focused on finding ways to battle the novel corona virus and most bacteria. Researchers have developed ultraviolet LEDs (UV-C LED) that have the ability to decontaminate surfaces, air and water that have come in contact with a range of bacteria and viruses


“Applications in medical situations include the disinfection of personal protective equipment, surfaces, floors and within the HVAC and water filtration systems, etc.

Research of UV-C light demonstrates a 99.9% sterilization of corona-virus (COVID-19) in approx, 30 seconds with UV-C LED products. This technology is also in use with mobile UV-C LED lamps that sterilize the interior of unoccupied Ambulances, Mobile Hospitals/Clinics, Mortuary and other First Responder Vehicles.

It should be noted, that UV-A and UV-B are the types we get a lot of here on Earth courtesy of the Sun which have important uses, however, UV-C is the ultraviolet light of choice for purifying air and water and for inactivating microbes. These can be generated only via human-made processes.


  • UV-C light in the 260 — 285 nm range most relevant for current disinfection technologies is also harmful to human skin. Using ultraviolet disinfection lamps to sanitize hands or other areas of the skin, even a brief exposure to UV-C light can cause burns and eye damage, this is why the applications used are shielded from any exposure to humans either by being placed inside an enclosed device for purifying air and water or sensors on surface machines to turn off if humans enter the room.

The emergence of the SARS, MERS, Ebola, COVID-19 and other natural and man-made biological contagions has added another dimension to our wellbeing and as the world races to find vaccines, therapies and cures for these diseases, disinfection, decontamination and isolation are the few weapons we have to defend ourselves, and these solutions will need to be deployed worldwide.

Whilst many advocate for chemical vaccines and cleaners, they do not totally destroy the bacteria or viruses and can be transferred to infect others.


  • Air and Surface Disinfection Lamp:

    • Portable – Lamp can be placed upon any hard surface, suspended, or inverted (with attached handles) to disinfect any unoccupied area.
    • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction with Welded Wire Protective Cage  for Rugged, Everyday Use.
    • 9000+ hour lamp life.
    • LED UV-C lamps
    • Safety power interruption.
    • Electronic Control Includes: Adjustable System Delay Timer and UV Exposure.
    • 120V Operation with 9’ grounded cord.
    • 48 UV-C watts output. Nominal output 140 watts. Draws 3.4 amps @ 120 volts ac.
    • Lamp weighs 14 lbs, shipping weight 16 lbs.


  • Delivery to required locations
  • Branding of donors
  • Installation where required
  • Power adaption to country of vehicle of use
  • Training of Decontamination users


The Decontamination UV-C Lights will be available to all localities in need of emergency response decontamination equipment.

Create a fundraising group

If you, your group or your community raise all the funds for one or many items then those items will be made available directly to a Civil Defence, Rescue, Law Enforcement or Paramedic service in the locality of your choice. A plaque will also be placed on the item/s with your name or community as the donor/s for the life of the item.

Become a Volunteer Project Manager for this project

By becoming a volunteer First Responder Project Manager (FRPM) in your locality or company you can determine where the project will be allocated (whether it is a hospital, clinic, rescue unit, ambulance service etc), we will assist you in raising funds in any of our projects and provide you with templates, tools and fundraising information. Whether it is for this project or any other First Responder Community (FRC) initiative you can use your existing skills and expertise or learn new ones.  Our Project Managers Program will provide you with excellent contacts and ideas to broaden your horizon in this highly respected profession.  Contact us on: 0450962213, for more information about becoming a project manager [ link here ]

Sponsor or co-sponsor this Project

If your business or organisation is looking for a rewarding project to get behind that will provide lasting and significant benefits to the whole community, whilst giving you a higher profile then the FRC projects and events can do just that. Contact us on: 0450962213: for more information about becoming an sponsor or co-sponsor [ link here ]

Manufacturers wanted

Reliance on Foreign made products can be a hindrance during periods of national emergency or large demands, local manufacturers are encouraged to list their products with us and gain our support in raising funds for their supply to needy communities. For more information about becoming a Manufacturer [ link here ]

General Sponsorships

We are looking for national, state and local sponsors for a host of First Responder Community events, activities and competitions.  If your organisation wishes to be part of this dynamic and innovative community please Contact us on: 0450962213: for more information about becoming program Sponsor [ link here ]

Other Corporate donations

If your business has any new vehicles and computers that are surplus to your needs we can use these for a variety of purposes, we particularly need tray trucks and light vehicles, mini buses where we can convert them to Emergency response purposes.  Contact us on: 0450962213: for more information about becoming a Corporate Donor [ link here ]


  • First Responders and families across the country will receive faster and more efficient logistic support in their hour of need.
  • You will receive a free one year family membership to the FRC and a Certificate of Appreciation for Investments of $200 or more
  • If you, your business or community invest or project manage the entire funding project you can have your company sponsorship logo placed on the project item. You will also be invited to the handing over ceremony.
  • Major sponsors will receive a free Business Listing on the FirstnetAU Civil defence Register
  • Your organisation will receive unlimited free job vacancies on our National Recruitment website
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