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As you watch the horrific fires, pandemics and chemical incidents where first Responders should be wearing breathing apparatus, they are not,this is not by choice, many Federal, State and Local governments and community based first Responder organisations fail to provide this necessary apparatus to safely protect their people from inhaling long term toxic gases that will cause a variety of debilitating ailments. Governing bodies are burdened with the choice of equipment to fight fires and respond to incidents or provide adequate protective gear for the First responder attending duty to their budget constraints.

Many First Responders will not display the symptoms till later in life and by then it is difficult to prove it is an on the job ailment, to this extent they endure long term suffering and cost. The First Responder community has the welfare of First Responders as a chief objective in our mission.

This project is to supplement or create supplies of Breathing apparatus to be provided to First Responders when required. Your financial assistance is required to build this capability.

The Whiffs Tac-Air Pro Mask was developed for police and SWAT departments. The mask and breathing port of the mask is made of black Nomex material which carries a 565°C heat rating.

Included with this product is a detachable elastic head strap. This strapping system secures the mask and filter to the user’s head, assuring that the mask will not slip down in any type of tactical situation.

The Tac-Air Pro Mask is lined with blue Indura Ultra soft cloth with a hydro lone finish. This material helps to wick moisture from the user’s face and prevents the transfer of radiant heat to the skin. The mask can also be used for bush firefighting and for structural overhaul/mop-up.

Its sleek design makes it comfortable to wear, even in hot climates. The black velcro attachment point at the bridge of the nose on the outside of the mask can be used for attaching to goggles.

Weight 57 g.

Whiffs Brush Pro Mask is easy to put on and take off – simply tie the elastic band behind your neck.

Made of Advance Nomex which carries a 565°C heat rating. Recommended for bushfire fighting and structural overhaul/mop-up. Attachment points at the bridge of the nose allow attachment of goggles and exterior velcro attachment points allow fitting of the optional neck shroud.

Also available in colour black. Weight 57 g.

The new Manta X20 and X30 are made of Carbon X material and Kevlar elastic with Nomex thread. Designed in a bandana-shape with stretchable material makes the Manta easy to pull down and up when needed.

Used with an Xcaper Filter (which filters hazardous gases and vapors and 100% of particulate matter) you have the perfect combination of protection for 4 to 6 hours in a bush fire situation. The filter simply Velcro’s to the inside of the bandana.

The Manta X30 is a slightly larger version of the Manta X 20.

Xcaper Moist Filter
The Xcaper filter & mask will protect you from deadly gases & smoke inhalation and will allow you to work under hazardous conditions.

The revolutionary Xcaper Moist Filter traps particulate matter and absorbing hazardous gases (Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide and Acrolein) common to smoke in bush fires, structural fires, overhaul, arson investigation and various SWAT situations.

The filter contents include a combination of natural hypoallergenic plant extract and styrene beads which makes the filter moist and cool to the touch. The styrene beads trap particulate matter. The filter fits any shape or size face. The filter will last 4 to 6 hours in a bush fire situation.

Weight 62 g.

Excaper Smoke Filters and Masks
The Xcaper Smoke Filter is the world’s first moist direct-contact smoke and particulate filtration mask. It uses patented technology combining a natural-based aloe gel extract and negatively charged styrene beads to attract and neutralise initially 100% of gases like Hydrogen Cyanide, Acrolein and Carbon Monoxide. It reduces 100% of dust and particulate matter down to 3/10th of one micron.

The Xcaper technology is lab-verified, approved for use by the US Navy and has been proven in tens of thousands of live fire situations over the last six years by more than 75,000 professional firefighters. The unique features of this smoke mask provide it with unsurpassed ease-of-use, comfort, respiration, portability and unparalleled protection.

G1 SCBA With Demand Valve, Telemetry, AlphaCLICK, HUD, Voice Amplifier

The G1 fire service SCBA was designed to integrate all modern SCBA features into a compact and easy-to-operate device. The single power supply drives alarm system and user interface, telemetry radio module, head-up-display (HUD) and voice amplifier. The display provides full benefit without distraction by always displaying exclusive information which are relevant in the given situation. All G1 versions include swivelling and adjustable hip belt, electronic control unit, telemetry module, lung governed demand valve and buddy breather 2nd connection.

The G1 full face mask excels in outstanding wearing comfort, low profile and low effort in maintenance. In stand-by, the open port
technology offers unrestricted breathing. No electronic components reside on the mask to reduce the overall investment.


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