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Project Initiator: First Responder Community

Goal per Ambulance: $500,000

Time: Open ended


Numerous communities constantly struggle with old, poorly equipped  or unreliable ambulances to service large areas. This project endeavours to provide those communities with the equipment they need.  Your support in this Ambulance Renewal Program will go a long way to making it safer for both paramedics and patients.

The strain on Governments and local councils to provide the level of care and emergency equipment is becoming a diminishing capability.  Collectively, communities can help each other by directly investing in this Ambulance Renewal Program where we will acquire, train and sustain the necessary emergency equipment for localities across the nation.  Your investment will be of great assistance to the health and safety of all citizens.  The variety of Ambulances will differ according the size of the locality and the terrain in which it travels.


We are seeking to raise $500,000 dollars per Ambulance which will include:

  • Purchase of the Ambulance,
  • Staff training
  • Medical equipment and fit out,
  • On road costs including registration and insurance
  • Spares parts
  • Specialised tools and
  • Storage facilities.


The Ambulances will be available to all localities in need of emergency response vehicles.

Become a Volunteer Project Manager

By becoming a volunteer First Responder Project Manager in your locality or nationally we will assist you in raising funds in any of our projects.  Whether it is for this project or any other VRCG initiative you can use your existing skills and expertise or learn new ones from our experts.  Our Project Managers Program will provide you with excellent contact, resources and ideas to broaden your horizon in the highly respected profession of project management.  Contact us on:

Corporate Partnerships

If your business or organisation is looking for a real project to get behind that will provide lasting and significant benefits to the whole community, whilst giving you a higher profile then the FRC projects and events can do just that. Contact us on :+61 450962213

Other Corporate donations

If your business has any new vehicles, computers or emergency equipment that are surplus to your needs we can use these for a variety of purposes, we particularly need 4X4 trucks, tray trucks and light vehicles, mini buses where we can convert them to Ambulances, Fire and Rescue response purposes.

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This project will only be funded if at least $500,000 is raised by March 3, 2023
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