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The First Responder Community (Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Paramedic and Rescue individuals) is a registered not-for-profit charity whose aim is to provide a range of amenities, services, and equipment to First Responders that are aged or affected physically or mentally by their injuries.

This project

This project is designed to provide all First Responders with facilities that will cater to their special needs in retirement and whilst in recovery.  We are seeking from individuals  businesses or organisations , donations of cash, equipment and services or Free Leases of suitable tracts of land for the purpose of constructing a variety of Aged, Well-being and other care facilities that specifically cater to the needs of individuals who serve or have served in the nation’s frontline services.   As land is donated or made available, the First Responder Community will raise funds via grants, donations and regular contributions from first responders, industry and organisations that support public safety to build and fitout the new infrastructures.


These facilities will be managed and run by experienced service professionals that have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the special needs of First Responders including the provision of full and part time physical and psychological nursing and residential care, these facilities would provide such high-value veterans with quality support and mobility services.

The Need

Hundreds of thousands of men and women frontline First Responders are constantly fighting, fires, floods, epidemics, crimes or attending the millions of accidents or incidents each year involving injured or distressed citizens. Tens of thousands of lives are saved or influenced by these responders and billions of dollars are saved from the potential destruction of built and natural environments. Volunteers represent around 60% of first responders who contribute the equivalent $15,000 each annually in time, resources and cash to ensure the country has a minimal manpower for public safety response.

In retirement however, much of the tragedy, toxins, horror and physical duress they have endured begin to take a traumatic toll on their lives and as they are considered a spent force for many in society they are subsequently forgotten and left to suffer in silence.

Governments fail to support these heroic individuals once their service has finished and as a result it is up to charities like ours to come to their aid. Our aim is to build Aged Care and Rehabilitation Facilities so that they can enjoy your appreciation for their dedicated service.


All donations in this project are directed toward the purchase of land and the construction of Facilities and fitout

The Requirements


A minimum of 10 hectares of vacant land, appropriately zoned and suitable for the construction of a multi-level Aged Care and Rehabilitation facility close to major city,

Infrastructure and Facilities

Minimum accommodation for 100 responders and immediate family

Modern on-site facilities:

  • The proposed Park would cater for those needing to live within a residential, nursing or sheltered environment.
  • All accommodation would be fully furnished to a high standard.
  • Kitchen areas would be available for the preparation of snacks and hot drinks.
  • Passenger lift.
  • Landscaped gardens.
  • Fully equipped hairdressing salon.
  • Recreational activities provided to cover a range of interests as determined by residents.
  • Active Residents Committee and regular residents’ meetings ensure full participation in decision making throughout the Community.
  • A Quarterly Newsletter, produced within the Park, would provide information on a variety of topics.
  • Newspapers ordered and delivered as required.
  • Internet and TV available throughout the Park incorporating a full video and security service.
  • A daily choice of menus of quality Cuisine. Special dietary requirements catered for.
  • Twin bedded guest room facility.
  • Private meeting rooms for Association representatives
  • Full medical suite and treatment rooms
  • Rehabilitation Gymnasium and pool
  • Dispensary
  • Workshops


If you are a full, part time, or Volunteer *First Responder or the spouse of a First Responder then you are also eligible.

* First responders include all Military, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Firefighters, Rescuers, Coast watch, State Emergency Services, flying doctors, Lifeguardsetc. that are either full time, part time employed or volunteers.

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This project will only be funded if at least $3,000,000 is raised by April 3, 2022
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