Official Launch July 2020!

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“The First Responder Community’s crowdfunding platform ‘FundingShed’ will be launched on the 1st July 2020. The Platform is designed to aid all communities to develop a sustainable Civil Defence capability.  Citizen groups who are involved in emergency response such as firefighters, paramedics, search and rescue teams, have another way to fund-raise for emergency equipment. 

How it works

The First Responder Community acts as the overall acquisition manager of every piece of equipment, and purchased the equipment for reputable manufacturers who guarantee quality and spare part support.

Project Initiators/Managers are invited to submit a product requirement for their organisation that meets the emergency equipment fit-for-purpose criteria, and we will place it on the website along with the branding of that organisation.  The Project Initiators/Managers will then use their Social media and business networks to inform their local communities that the project is ready for donations.

Once each individual project is funded, FRC purchases the equipment from the manufacture and arranges its delivery to the Organisation.

If a project does not reach the required funding level, FRC will approach national and international sponsors to assist in raising the additional amount. Where  a project can only raise a portion of the requirement the funds are directed a other equipment within the amount raised.

Project Transparency

The projects and subsequent funding are transparent at all times and donors, managers and sponsors are immediately informed of the progress of the project throughout.

All monies raised are for First Responder equipment and related fees, no funding is for individuals, grants, loans, student fees, contributions, etc. 


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