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What are Firefighters

A firefighter also known as a fireman, is a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting, primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten property and civilian or natural populations and to rescue people from dangerous situations, like collapsed or burning buildings.

The complexity of modern industrialized life with a greater prominence of hazards has created an increase in the skills needed in firefighting technology and a broadening of the firefighter-rescuer’s remit. They sometimes provide emergency medical services, for example. The fire service, or fire and rescue service, also known in some countries as the fire brigade or fire department, is one of the main emergency services. Firefighting and firefighters have become ubiquitous around the world, from wildland areas to urban areas, and aboard ships.

In many countries, firefighters may be employed as full-time workers and paid a salary. Additionally, there are volunteer firefighters (who are theoretically unpaid) and retained firefighters (or auxiliary firefighters, who are paid for the specific time they are on duty, i.e. permanent part-time career firefighters) on call as required. In such countries as the United Kingdom, the use of additional retained firefighters is standard. In Portugal, for example, the use of volunteer firefighters is standard, along with career firefighters. In Australia there are volunteer brigades which are mostly unpaid rural services, although traditionally they are paid by their employers if called out during usual working hours.

Corporations - how to get involved

Any corporation, their staff and customers who have an objective to play a meaningful role in the safety and defence of their communities and country can participate in the following ways:

Individuals- How to get involved

Any individual or philanthropist who has an objective to play a meaningful role in the safety and defence of their community and country can participate in the following ways:

  • Join with the First Responder Community (FRC) in sponsoring a project (see Sponsorships)
  • Donate any emergency appliance, equipment item or to any FRC project (see Individual Donations)
  • Become a Fundraiser in FRC Projects, Events, and Facilities (see Volunteer Project Managers and Fundraisers)
  • Become an FRC Individual Member