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The First Responder Community is an Australian-based not-for-profit organisation and has been established to enlist public support for the five categories of First Responders – Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Rescuers – by fundraising to supplement their equipment requirements to increase their functionality while Active, or improving the quality of their lives as Veterans, or while convalescing due to work-related injury.

The FRC recognises the valuable heroic work of all first responders that provide and maintain safety, security, protection, and wellbeing for the Global communities.

Why Support First Responders?

Active first responders attend incidents each day that are dangerous and potentially life threatening. They may also be exposed to many environmental hazards and stressful situations and these may impact on their physical and mental health. Some unresolved issues may also impact their personal lives well into the future. Many first responders have unfortunately resorted to alcohol or drugs and even suicide.

Returning military and police have the highest incidence of self-harm whilst fire-fighters suffer from cancers caused by the toxins of fires and environmental hazards. Paramedics face the daily horrors of health emergencies and traumas which may include tragic road accidents, suicides, and injuries resulting from violent crimes while rescuers face a range of stressful physical and mental situations which may occur in extreme weather conditions.

First Responder Needs…

Although our dedicated first responders spend many years to become highly trained, they are always in need of additional equipment to enable them to be more effective in their roles. Governments have many competing demands on the revenue raised from taxes, levies, and fees which limits the type, quantity, and quality of the much-needed equipment or services that can be supplied or made available for first responders.

Although some first responders are managed through national, state or government organisations, many are funded and equipped through the generosity of organisations, fund raisers, and through individual support. However, this generous support is often ad hoc and may require significant resourcing to seek and obtain. In particular, rural emergency services can only exist through volunteers and supporters who tirelessly work to raise funds to pay for equipment and protective uniforms.

Veteran first responders also require support. As compensation for injured first responders is limited, particularly for volunteers, veteran first responders have limited avenues to seek funding and supply for equipment which may support their quality of life by increasing their mobility and recovery.

Community Civil Defence Needs…

Thousands of communities large and small have difficulties in attracting government funding for life saving equipment in annual grants and general funding. These communities also suffer with a lot of their existing equipment being antiquated and in disrepair. Many do not have the basics of an Ambulance or Fire truck and are reliant on help from far away towns to respond to an emergency.

Other major gaps are mobile clinics, Water storage, search and rescue equipment, medical equipment and supplies, Flood barrier protection, trained people or access to medical and civil defence manuals.


The First Responder Community was established to:

  • Provide First Responders with state-of-the-art Personal Protection Equipment, employment opportunities, training, and medical support,
  • Create fundraising opportunities for local communities to fill the gaps in their Civil Emergency response equipment, facilities and resources,
  • Develop Aged Care and Rehabilitation Facilities.
  • The First Responder Community receives no government funding. We rely entirely on the generosity of the community to provide these important services.

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